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PlanB Media
is a data-driven digital performance agency with a focus of ROI, Adtech and Analytical Tracking. PlanB Media is your one-stop solution partner to help you achieve your goal.


Display Advertising

Generating brand awareness and bringing new traffic to your web-site through targeted advertisements and personalised messages.

Performance Marketing

Maximise your sales and your leads, improve your ROI and manage your KPI’s with the advantage of performance oriented data driven tools, ad formats and features.


Making the complex simple and letting you get the most out of your digital marketing strategies is what our consultancy services provide. We guide you on this journey to the moon and back!

Project Management

We help you deal with the mind boggling universe of data and audience management and marketing automations.

Berna Tunc

/ Ipekyol

PlanB has always been a very good companion for us on our e-commerce journey. Beyond being a business partner, we felt that the entire team had ownership of our brands. We have achieved all our goals in all digital channels including SEM and programmatic buying. On the other hand, we achieved 119% growth. In the last few years we have also added a Web & Mobile Analytics consultancy. I think that all these consultations are important contributions to seeing the big picture and getting the right actions.

Kerem erdoan

/ Unico

Performance advertising is indispensable for lead generation. In this regard, a business partner with strong analytical muscles and an engineering background is very important. We are working with PlanB for a while now and we have made a significant progress in optimising lead costs, SEO and Web & Mobile Analytics.

Bihter Asena Yasar

/ Girne American University

Thanks to global advertising campaigns ran with PlanB, in the 2016-2017 academic year, our college and its international campuses have increased student recruitment by 12%

Okan Demir

/ InvestAZ

In the past three years we've built the company's digital advertising infrastructure with PlanB, we've had 10 times more productive revenue in the finance / banking industry, where digital competition is high.


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