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Mobile App Tracking

web & mobile analytics



After gathering up web analytics and all other marketing codes on Google Tag Manager (GTM), we are focusing on following subjects:


  • Enhanced E-commerce
  • User
  • ID Integration
  • Mobile App Tracking/Mobile Analytics
  • Youtube Analytics
  • Custom Metrics, Dimensions and Reporting
  • Executive Dashboards
- A/B Testing
  • TV & Radio Ad Tracking
  • Audit & On-Demand Consultation
  • At Last Insights and Forecasting



seo | searchmetrics





Searchmetrics is one of the leading tools in SEO, Analytics, Social and Content marketing tracking, also SEM metrics as well.


With Searchmetrics Enterprise Suite we can achieve;


  • Content optimisation
  • Onpage Opt. & Site Architecture
  • SEO (desktop, mobile, local)
  • SEM keyword expansion & reduction
  • App ranking, top performing keywords
  • Deeper Competitive Research


mobile app tracking



 Mobile WEB Mobile APP

 Unique mobile dimensions / reports

GPS Location

Smaller, diverse form factors

Touch & gesture interactions

Java script tags

Traffic, engagement and conversion metrics

SDK’s for tracking code

Screen views and other unique metrics

User ID’s instead of cookies

Access to device features

Shorter session timeout

Offline usage

Version fragmentation

Cohort analysis emphasis

Event tracking

Engagement and conversion metrics

Campaign tracking