Premium / Rich Media Ads

Programmatic Buying

Affiliate Marketing

Native Ads

Premium Networks / Rich Media Advertising




It is possible to publish your banners / rich media ads on your country’s and world’s most popular websites and along with their video content.

Users could be directed to take pre-defined actions through these advertising method.



Programmatic Buying (RTB)


With DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), you can show ads at the current price, regardless the capabilities or rate cards of the publishers.


With the 3-digit (low, middle, high) funnel structure, we can target similar or third party bands from the world of remarketing.


  • Interest-Focused, Categorical and Demographic Campaign set-ups
  • Viewability focused ads for branding
  • “Brand Safety” and DoubleVerify ™ filters ensure safe campaigns that are unlikely to hit sites that might damage your brand image



Affililate Marketing


In affiliate marketing model, you get charged by your affiliate partners when your goal (purchases, sign-ups, downloads, video watches etc.) completed.


Because of it’s low risk structure, affiliate marketing is being more popular eventually.


Native Advertising


Reaching potential customers across the world’s most popular websites by engaging target audiences naturally, while they’re reading an interesting content.


Native ads match the visual design of the experience they live within, and look and feel like natural content. It is possible to use banners, videos and rich media content, as well as product feeds to reach a bunch of marketing goals.